Smart Mobility Programme


V2X Testbed Infrastructure


ITS Wireless Infrastructure & Data Transport Network:
The ITS wireless infrastructure which comprises IEEE1609 WAVE/DSRC compliant Road-side Units (RSU), together with the data transport network consisting of wired and wireless backhauls, provides the data paths between applications running on various devices (e.g. OBU, smartphones, tablets, laptops and etc.) and ITS services hosted in the data centre. The data transport network also provides the control paths from the Control Centre to different network elements that need to be monitored and managed in the Smart Mobility Test Bed.

ITS Applications and Services:
ITS-related safety and non-safety applications are deployed to offer road safety, cooperative traffic management, and infotainment services. New applications may be developed to extend features and functions supported by the WAVE DSRC protocol stack such as WBSSD, IPv6 over IPv4, locationing, charging/tolling, platooning and etc. In addition, the services include various 3rd party software applications to be used to support various test bed functions, such as network management system (NMS), video management system (VMS), network planning.

TITS Data Centre:
The Data Centre is a dedicated facility where backend servers, networking equipment and data storage required for the Smart Mobility Test Bed are hosted. For this project, the Data Centre will be established at the High Performance Computing Centre (HPCC), and made accessible through the NTU campus network.

ITS Control Centre:
The Control Centre is a dedicated operation facility where operators monitor the performance and availability of various elements in the Smart Mobility Test Bed, e.g. cameras, OBUs, RSUs, Servers, switches, routers, applications etc. The Control Centre also provides an environment for NTU and partners to jointly develop and integrate multiple functions into system for Proof-of-Concept (PoC) demonstrations.

ITS Vehicles:
ITS vehicles generally refer to motorized vehicles, such as buses, cars, motorcycles, equipped with IEEE1609 WAVE/DSRC-compliant On-board Units (OBU) to support communications with other vehicles and backend to exchange information. The vehicles will also be fitted with other devices, e.g. cameras, displays and WIFI APs, to create in-vehicle systems that connect externally through OBUs.

Smart Mobility Test Bed Engineering Services:
The Smart Mobility Test Bed Team, made up of talents from academia and industry, offers professional systems engineering and software engineering services ranging from consultation, solution design, implementation as well as demonstration. These services aim to support consortium members in setting up the proper environment and resources needed for their R&D and showcasing activities.​​